BioBridges Announces Significant Expansion

by Sarah Bouy Published Mar 23, 2017 Last updated Mar 23, 2017


Thursday, January 7, 2016

BioBridges, a Career Portfolio™ Management company providing integrated services to the emerging life sciences community, proudly announces 33% year over year top line growth in 2015, with revenue of over $31M. The evolving marketplace, BioBridges’ Career Portfolio™ Management model and streamlined online systems, plus the combined effort of over 200 team members in 20 different states all contributed to this remarkable gain.

BioBridges, which recently celebrated ten years in the life science industry, credits the success of its unique Career Portfolio™ Management model to the growing number of people who favor work-life integration, and who opt to define their career by the work that inspires them.

“Our gains are indicative of our commitment to the community that we serve.  BioBridges’ clients and consultants consciously choose us because of our proven and effective Career Portfolio™ management model,” said Jeff Souza, BioBridges CEO and partner.  “We are committed to serving as an extension of our client organizations, helping our clients and our consultants attain their professional goals. We foster connection, develop and maintain enduring relationships, and provide the experience that works™. Yes, the numbers indicate a great year—but we’ve also doubled our team, and many of our sponsor companies got their first FDA approvals. That’s what we celebrate today.”

About BioBridges

Founded by industry veterans, BioBridges helps align exceptional life science professionals with the programs that need them.  The company’s scalable Career Portfolio™ Management model delivers the contributions necessary to advance science and produce breakthrough therapies. For more information, please visit

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