Finding Patience in an Instant Society

by Amy Steinberg · Published Mar 20, 2018 · Last updated Mar 20, 2018

In a day and age of “click and get” patience is a forgotten virtue. You may have heard someone say that they are not a patient person. They’re right; they aren’t patient. None of us are. Patience is something we must learn and practice; it’s not something that we are…

Do You Need a Time Out from Technology?

by Amy Steinberg · Published Mar 13, 2018 · Last updated Mar 13, 2018

Our smartphones, tablets, and laptops are communication devices; created to keep us connected to business and people, making our lives easier and more efficient. Technology has become a necessary part of our daily lives; they are convenient and accessible for nearly everything we need or want to do. But have…

How to Be Curious: Commitment to Exploration and Expansion

by Amy Steinberg · Published Feb 27, 2018 · Last updated Feb 28, 2018

Sometimes we get stuck in routines about what we know and have trouble breaking out into curiosity. What happens when we stop asking questions or looking outside our individual knowledge base for the answers? Advancement in science depends on two things: basic questions and applications. Once something is invented and…

Perfection is Unattainable – Progress is Within Your Reach!

by Amy Steinberg · Published Feb 20, 2018 · Last updated Feb 20, 2018

Salvador Dali said, “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” Yet, many people are paralyzed by perfection. After all, perfectionism sounds great: who doesn’t want to be perfect? However, aiming for perfection is a great way to become disillusioned and unsatisfied. Why? Simply because, as Salvador Dali…

Six Tips for Using Data to Make Decisions

by Amy Steinberg · Published Feb 13, 2018 · Last updated Feb 13, 2018

“A point a view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” – Marshall McLuhan The Harvard Business Review (HBR) reports that “Companies are vacuuming up data to make better decisions about everything from product development and advertising to hiring.” Here is why: according to McAfee, “Data and algorithms…

Momentum: The Secret Ingredient Behind Success

by Amy Steinberg · Published Feb 6, 2018 · Last updated Feb 6, 2018

Have you hit that sweet spot where both your personal life and career are clicking? It just may be that you’re on a roll, or you recently rekindled that spark within yourself. Perhaps instead you feel as if you’ve hit the “pause” button and need help getting back on track. In…

8 Ways to Rekindle the Spark Within Ourselves and Those Around Us

by Amy Steinberg · Published Jan 30, 2018 · Last updated Jan 30, 2018

You consider yourself a typically positive person, and yet some days you just seem to lack that bounce in your step, that enthusiasm for the day or week ahead. If your tendency is to take that lack of motivation to heart, remember that we live busy lives surrounded by a…

7 Myths About Finding Your Purpose

by Amy Steinberg · Published Jan 24, 2018 · Last updated Jan 24, 2018

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why.” Some of us find our purpose very young, while others spend years obsessing about what we were meant to do. Our longing for something more, a…

Escaping Burnout

by Amy Steinberg · Published Jan 23, 2018 · Last updated Jan 23, 2018

Have you ever felt as though you’re only going through the motions? Maybe you love what you do, but you’ve found yourself struggling to find the energy or motivation to be productive in your day-to-day. You might be tempted to battle through the physical or emotional exhaustion it brings, but…

Resolutions Are No Solution

by Amy Steinberg · Published Jan 23, 2018 · Last updated Jan 23, 2018

Let’s take another look at the blog article we posted at this time last year. Setting New Year’s resolutions is a tradition for many, but are they worth it? Have you framed your goals in a realistic and achievable manner? Originally posted in 2017 by Jason Falchuk: “3 . ….