Reflection: A focus on what’s important

by Amy Steinberg · Published Nov 21, 2017 · Last updated Nov 21, 2017

As the holiday season begins, many of us use this opportunity to take a break from our everyday routine and spend time with family and friends. With this much-needed break often comes reflection of the year that lays behind us and our lives in general. If you find yourself asking yourself…

In Reality, Failure Should Always Be an Option

by Amy Steinberg · Published Nov 14, 2017 · Last updated Nov 14, 2017

How many times have you heard someone reference the quote “Failure is not an option” from the movie Apollo 13? Last week at a staff meeting, one of our company leaders brought up the idea that while nobody wants to fail, failing is inevitable on the way to successful innovation….

What is Community, and Why is it Important?

by Amy Steinberg · Published Nov 7, 2017 · Last updated Nov 7, 2017

Every day we hear the word community used by businesses, schools and news anchors. But what does it really mean? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, community can have many meanings, but the one that most closely defines the way we use it at BioBridges is, “a unified body of individuals,…

BioBridges Professional Spotlight: Jill Goddard

by Amy Steinberg · Published Oct 31, 2017 · Last updated Oct 31, 2017

Jill has worked in Clinical Development for over 25 years. Previous to joining BioBridges, she worked for emerging start-ups where she assisted with the launch of clinical departments and subsequent clinical studies. “The early phase of clinical development has always been my focus because I am exposed to all aspects…

Disruptive Innovations US.

Disruptive Innovations US

by Amy Steinberg · Published Sep 12, 2017 · Last updated Sep 12, 2017

There are so many online ways to gain knowledge, expand your thinking and grow your skill set these days – you can read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch training videos, and attend webinars, just to name a few. Why bother with the time and expense of an in-person conference?

Lauren Skinner.

BioBridges Professional Spotlight: Lauren Skinner

by Amy Steinberg · Published Sep 5, 2017 · Last updated Sep 12, 2017

Lauren Skinner is an experienced and sought-after clinical data management professional who made the decision to join the BioBridges community almost one year ago. Lauren was immediately drawn to the caliber of opportunities available at BioBridges and the sense of security and overall flexibility that comes with being a professional.

Light Bulb.

4 Steps to Staying Inspired By the Work

by Amy Steinberg · Published Aug 30, 2017 · Last updated Aug 30, 2017

We believe that professionals should always be inspired by the work we do. We should feel impassioned by our work. Here are some ways to stay inspired!

Finding Motivation with Jermaine Jones.

Finding Motivation with Jermaine Jones

by Amy Steinberg · Published Aug 22, 2017 · Last updated Aug 21, 2017

Motivation is a key element of our daily lives. It drives us, influences us and keeps us going. Many companies hire an occasional motivational speaker, they are the perfect neutral party to give employees a fresh perspective, to inspire them and to boost overall morale. When an audience hears a…

BioBridges Professional Spotlight: Katherine Kacena, PhD

by Amy Steinberg · Published Aug 15, 2017 · Last updated Aug 15, 2017

Katherine Kacena, PhD (a.k.a. KK) is a highly experienced and sought-after BioBridges biostatistical professional who made the decision to join the BioBridges community four years ago. KK is not one to boast about herself, so when we asked her how she felt about being featured we were not sure what…

BioBridges Career Satisfaction: Comfort Zone Leap.

Push Past Your Comfort Zone & Find REAL Career Satisfaction

by Amy Steinberg · Published Aug 8, 2017 · Last updated Aug 8, 2017

Staying in your comfort zone can mean never trying new things, never setting big goals, never exploring new skills or forming new relationships. In today’s world that just doesn’t work. In order to stay competitive in your career, you have to remain marketable in the industry, which means continuing to…