Why Learning is so Important to your Career

Avatar by Amy Steinberg Published Nov 28, 2018 Last updated Nov 28, 2018

No matter how successful we become, staying curious and continuing our learning can create an even more fulfilling career and life. With the exponential growth of technology, now more than ever, continued learning is vital to sustaining a successful career. Many of today’s professionals yearn for the opportunity to continue learning in their work environment.

Curious individuals spend their lives learning new things on a daily basis which is not just good for their brains, but Harvard Business Review reports that lifelong learning is also good for your health, wallet, and social life.

We all know the brain is a muscle and – as with any muscle – needs to be exercised to grow and stay strong. Science shows that different parts of our brains may be ready to learn at different times which is exciting for those who like to keep their eyes open for learning opportunities whenever they appear.

How We Learn

There are many ways to learn and there are boundless opportunities to hone your skills, learn new skill sets, and expand your knowledge around things that will enhance your existing strengths.

Keeping notes, asking questions, and taking the time to really get into the experience of learning a new task, skill, or topic will help you to retain the new information.


Research has shown that people who read not only benefit health wise, but readers who spend at least 30 minutes a day reading “score higher on intelligence tests, and land better opportunities than nonreaders.” Grab a book – any kind of genre – and allow yourself at least 30 minutes to read. It’s good for you!

Online Courses

There are countless online courses that range from personal skills development to advanced training and many are even free. With the convenience of being able to study and complete certifications online, it is easier than ever to take advantage of the flexibility of online learning.


The American Management Association is just one of countless organizations that report when and what type of seminars will be in which areas. By attending seminars and workshops, you not only increase your knowledge, but you expand your social and professional network with like-minded individuals.

Training Videos/Podcasts

YouTube is a goldmine of information that is available with a click. No time to read? No problem. Just do a search on YouTube for a topic that interests you and go from there. You never know where your search for information will lead. Podcasts are easy to listen to on the go and there are dozens of life science podcasts available for anyone who is interested in staying informed, relevant, and up-to-date.


Finding a mentor who you admire is a powerful way to develop your mind and career. Mentoring someone else can also be a rewarding learning experience. If you thought mentoring was just for beginners, think again. There are many myths surrounding mentoring but having a mentor in your corner who you can bounce ideas off of and turn to when you need information is an invaluable way to stay on top of things and to learn information you never knew you didn’t know.


While we always strive to be our best, the truth is sometimes we fail. Actually, most successful entrepreneurs know that failure is an intrinsic part of success. For some, failure can eel daunting. However, there are more productive ways to look at failure that will lighten that weight and increase your knowledge. In some ways, failures can be our biggest teachers as long as we look at them through the lens of opportunity.

Why We Should Continue to Learn

Expand Knowledge

The number of college students over age 25 is projected to reach more than seven million in the near future. Returning to college has multiple benefits not the least of which is to “breathe life into a career,” but if you are looking to move in a different direction in your career, returning to college is one sure fire way to increase your knowledge and move forward.

Remove Blocks

When we don’t have a clear understanding of something, we tend to avoid it, fear it, or even resent it. For example, in 2001, Gallup reported that Americans fear snakes over anything else. But if those polled were to become more informed about snakes, chances are the fear and anxiety surrounding them would diminish. Taking time to sharpen skills that you don’t enjoy, can make them far more enjoyable plus doing so will provide you with new perspectives and reshape previous held beliefs.

Advance Career

Learning new skills is the first step towards advancing your career. Whether you are seeking to advance in your existing career or make an impact in another way, expanding your knowledge and skills is necessary for success.

Stay Informed About New Technologies

There are many new and important things expected in the future including energy, neuroscience, genetics and nanotechnology. In order to stay up-to-date on these new and exciting events, it’s imperative to keep your skills up-to-date and fresh.

Take time out each day to continue your learning – whether by committing to a daily lesson or returning to college to get a new degree. By setting goals to continue your learning process, you are guaranteed to continue growing and advancing in your ideal career as well as a more fulfilling life.

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