Reflection: A focus on what’s important

by Amy Steinberg Published Jan 23, 2018 Last updated Jan 23, 2018

As the holiday season begins, many of us use this opportunity to take a break from our everyday routine and spend time with family and friends. With this much-needed break often comes reflection of the year that lays behind us and our lives in general. If you find yourself asking yourself if you are making a difference in the world and what kind of legacy you are leaving, don’t forget to evaluate your career.

At BioBridges, we have always believed that the origin of a successful career lies in the work that inspires us. Many are initially drawn to the life sciences industry because of a passion for the science, interest in the work, and a belief in the impact they can make. Through the years, however, careers can veer off course and become less satisfying and mired in work that leaves us feeling disconnected. You may find yourself wondering where the spark went and yearn for the bright-eyed, innocent go-getter you were when you first began your career.

As we sit around the Thanksgiving table, it’s easy to say that we are thankful for our work, but do you feel the same excitement and anticipation about a new project as you did when you first started your career? Are you pursuing a path that allows you to express your motivation to do work that makes an impact and a valuable contribution?

Imagine, if you will, the inside of a watch. It’s really quite fascinating to see how the watch can keep time with all of the tiny gears. The tiny teeth on the gears, known as cogs, help the watch to keep proper time. If one of the cogs or gears get damaged the watch may work for a bit, but not without affecting the way that the watch performs. It won’t keep proper time and eventually, the watch may seize up completely. Each of those tiny cogs keeps that watch working in perfect time.

Are you maintaining the cogs of your career? In this season of reflection, ponder what inspires you to accomplish the work at hand. What are you passionate about? What skills do you excel at and where do you add value? Where do you have room to grow?

Reflect on the possibilities that only this time of year can bring. Use this time to create lists for the upcoming year that help you to focus your skillset and what it means to remain marketable in the industry. If you aren’t sure where to focus, talk with trusted colleagues, or your career manager and ask if there is something you should be bringing to the table. And no, we aren’t talking about your amazing seven-layer dip.

This holiday, focus on what’s important: reflect on your career, how you work hard to make a difference, and where you want to be next year.  Creating a list of completed accomplishments and upcoming goals for the year is a great place to start.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope that you will find meaning and balance as you celebrate the holiday!

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