5 Tips for Leveraging Your Career Manager

by Amy Steinberg Published Aug 1, 2017 Last updated Sep 19, 2017

Sometimes you need an advocate. A person who understands the work you do, the industry in which you do it, and who is dedicated to building a portfolio of opportunities and experiences that help you develop a successful career.

We all want a career where we can focus on the work that inspires us, impact the person or project for which we are working and continue to grow and expand our knowledge and skill sets.

It can be hard to achieve the work/life integration that many professionals strive for when you are worried about accomplishing your work, advocating for new opportunities, and remaining relevant and marketable in the industry.

As a Career Portfolio® Management company for the past 12 years, we’ve seen it all.  It’s nearly impossible to be a self-advocate in today’s fast-paced market. You need an expert to represent you and guide your career.

So how do you ensure that your Career Portfolio® is being appropriately managed?

Here’s how:

Your BioBridges Career Manager is an industry resource.

1. Use them as an industry resource

Career Managers spend their days talking to professionals who work in the industry. They follow the ever-changing industry trends, the constant mergers and acquisitions and interact with the most influential thought leaders.

If you aren’t sure how to launch your career, or gain experience in a new functional or therapeutic area, talk to them!

Their job is to help you navigate your career in the life sciences industry, your job is to focus on the work where your experience lies and for which you are passionate.


Share your career goals with your BioBridges Career Manager.

2. Share your career goals, openly and honestly

While it may be tempting to tell your Career Manager what you think they want to hear, this will not serve you well.

It’s important to be honest about what inspires you, the types of people you work best with, and the environments in which you excel.

The more open you are about your career goals and skill sets, the more effective your Career Manager will be at leveraging your experience and providing opportunities for continued growth.


Talk to your BioBridges Career Manager!

3. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Career Managers have your best interests at heart and are here to represent you. Don’t be afraid to call with clarifying questions, ideas for new opportunities, and even issues. Communication is key to a successful career.


Tell your BioBridges Career Manager about your family or non-work priorities.

4. Be inclusive

Career Managers understand that life events are going to happen throughout your relationship, and they are here to help. If something is happening that is going to affect your work performance, or you have questions about the work expectations and work flow, reach out to them.

It’s important to keep an open dialogue with your Career Manager, the more they know about what inspires you, or what challenges you are facing, the better they can support you.


Keep an open mind.

5. Remain confident, realistic, and open minded

Career Managers are going to present you with numerous opportunities over the lifetime of your career, make your decisions based on your passion for the core criteria of the work. Will you be able to provide immediate value, will it allow you to continue to develop as a professional?

The ability to be focused on and inspired by the work you are accomplishing is possible, and your Career Manager is dedicated to providing you with that experience.


Final Thoughts

It’s nearly impossible to be an advocate for your career while providing the utmost value to a person or project for which you are working, and maintain a work / life balance. Career Managers specialize in representing and leveraging your skills and experiences while providing opportunities for growth.

If you’re consistent, open and honest in your communication with them, the will help you develop and successful and sustainable career.

Do you have any tips for leveraging your Career Manager?

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