Collaboration at the Cutting Edge

Daniela Manago by Daniela Manago Published Mar 23, 2017 Last updated Apr 5, 2017

There is an African proverb that states “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” I was reminded of this philosophy when I recently attended the DIA/FDA Conference on Oligonucleotides, in Washington, DC.

When Conference Means Conversation

From September 9-11, 2015, a global network of life sciences professionals, renowned investigators and key Health Authority representatives gathered to inform, educate and share learnings about the latest developments in oligonucleotide-based-therapeutics.  The conference was cross-discipline (CMC, nonclinical, clinical, and regulatory) and addressed the developmental advances, safety and challenges currently in this field (more info on conference website, here).

Far from a prescriptive parade of panels and speeches, the conference was more akin to a conversation and discussion, with panelists and attendees from across the industry sharing cutting edge information. I’d known that the conference content would be relevant.  What I didn’t anticipate was how important, and impactful, the human interaction would prove to be.

Face to Face with the FDA

As a BioBridges consultant, I am dedicated to my client’s objectives. Attending the conference made sense in terms of supporting my client’s current program. It is imperative to have the most up to the minute information at hand while developing a successful program.

The conference agenda provided me with all of the cutting edge information and content I’d expected, with a big bonus that I hadn’t: direct access with key Health Authority representatives.

The panelists gave some brilliant presentations– and the face to face time really made the difference. The opportunity to share information with, and ask questions of, the very people my client will need to work with for program success? Priceless.

Subject Matter Expertise Means Success

What results from this sort of access to the most current information and top industry gatekeepers?  It’s called subject matter expertise, and it’s invaluable in terms of a successful program.  BioBridges is dedicated to pairing cutting-edge subject matter experts with the programs that need them.

Attending the conference on behalf of my client, and BioBridges, was a great way to ensure that I have the information I need to contribute optimally to our program.  The experience and the information will pay forward to our other clients, as well.

The spirit of collaboration evident at the conference remains with me. It informs my work on my current program. Moving forward, it will optimize my work as a BioBridges consultant, working in support of other programs.  That, to return to the African proverb from the beginning of this post, is truly how we will go far, together.

Are you a subject matter expert in life science?  How do you stay current?  What resources do you value the most?  How do you best collaborate? Have you worked on programs during filing-stage, and if so, what do you wish you had known before filing?