BioBridges Professional Spotlight: Meredith Schiller

by Amy Steinberg Published May 1, 2018 Last updated May 1, 2018

Meredith has worked in Clinical Operations for over 20 years. Prior to joining BioBridges, she worked for multiple pharmaceutical companies providing cross-functional team leadership, establishing SOPs, and providing overall strategic planning expertise. Meredith initially began her career at PAREXEL where she managed a phone center and has since worked for seven Massachusetts area emerging and established pharmaceutical companies.

Meredith was originally introduced to BioBridges by Cindy Steinberg, BioBridges Founding Partner. They met in 2001 while working together at Millennium Pharmaceuticals and continued to stay in touch after they both moved on to other opportunities. Throughout her career, Meredith has worked alongside many BioBridges professionals and always appreciated the value they brought to a project, program, or initiative.

In late 2015, Cindy presented her with an opportunity that would allow her to immediately impact an emerging oncology company in a way that leveraged her skills and provided new challenges and areas for growth. The new role would also improve her overall quality of life by allowing for more work/life balance.

“BioBridges has offered continuous exposure to new programs, people and companies. I have been a part of different cross-functional teams and often have responsibilities for other functions that are not traditionally part of my role. This has proven to expand my overall knowledge and experience,” said Meredith. “Every program has been different, and I enjoy figuring out which skill sets and expertise are required for each new role. I have met many smart, motivated, and dynamic people along the way.”

Shawn Rajchel, BioBridges Career Manager, adds: “It’s been a pleasure to know Meredith and to be able to support her. She’s a true professional and has been able to adapt extremely well to different settings while providing both the high-level strategic support and hands-on work that our client’s programs need to be successful. Meredith has an infectious personality and the invaluable combination of experience and desire to provide value.”

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