BioBridges Professional Spotlight: Lauren Skinner

by Amy Steinberg Published Sep 5, 2017 Last updated Sep 12, 2017
Lauren Skinner.

Lauren Skinner is an experienced and sought-after clinical data management professional who made the decision to join the BioBridges community almost one year ago. Lauren was immediately drawn to the caliber of opportunities available at BioBridges and the sense of security and overall flexibility that comes with being a professional.

Since joining the workforce in 2007, Lauren has always been inspired by work in the data management field. She moved through the beginning of her career working for cooperative groups and CROs as a Data Associate, Data Coordinator and eventually a Data Manager. As Lauren continued to gain experience she also learned of the ebs and flows that are so common in our industry. She wanted a career that she could feel secure in, while continuing to build her skill set and remain relevant in her field. That’s when she turned to BioBridges.

Recently, one of BioBridges’ clients recognized Lauren for the work she accomplished in her participation with a database lock that occurred at the end of June. Lauren and the Data Management team were responsible for oversight of the CRO data management function, as well as internally reviewing and reconciling clinical and external data, and leading cross-functional data review efforts, while ensuring that timelines were maintained and deliverables were appropriately met.

“The BioBridges community has been overwhelmingly supportive and knowledgeable, and it certainly fosters an environment that promotes success,” said Lauren. “They understand both the marketplace and my functional area and as a result I have already been engaged in two inspiring programs that have allowed me to leverage my existing knowledge base while broadening my experience by taking on new challenges and gaining new experiences and opportunities. I feel more secure in my career today than I ever have.”

“Lauren is the ultimate BioBridges professional,” said Jeff Randles, Career Manager. “She is passionate about her work and is committed to providing value to the programs she is engaged in and the BioBridges community as a whole. I am honored to manage Lauren’s Career Portfolio® and look forward to engaging her in additional programs that allow her to leverage her current skill set to make an immediate impact, while also continuing to grow both functionally and therapeutically.”

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