BioBridges Professional Spotlight: Katherine Kacena, PhD

by Amy Steinberg Published Aug 15, 2017 Last updated Aug 15, 2017

Katherine Kacena, PhD (a.k.a. KK) is a highly experienced and sought-after BioBridges biostatistical professional who made the decision to join the BioBridges community four years ago. KK is not one to boast about herself, so when we asked her how she felt about being featured we were not sure what her response would be. Lucky for us, without any hesitation, she said she would be thrilled to share her experience. She noted how she was immediately drawn to the caliber of clients and professionals that BioBridges works with, the diversity of work she could become involved in, and the ability to concentrate on the work about which she is passionate.

Prior to joining BioBridges, KK was involved in the industry in a variety of capacities. She built and led statistical departments, as well as directly contributed to the work for both sponsor companies and CROs. This is where our relationship with KK began. KK engaged BioBridges professionals to support many of her programs along the way. Looking for more life flexibility, she made the decision to leverage her experience and work in a consulting capacity. KK’s desire to concentrate on the work, coupled with guidance from other successful professionals in the BioBridges community, ultimately led her to become a BioBridges professional.

“Working for BioBridges I have found my eudaimonia*. The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues who have such a strong sense of integrity has allowed me to continue to grow in my career. We are dedicated to holding each other accountable for excellence and providing value to the programs on which we are engaged,” said KK. “I have such a deep respect for the other BioBridges professionals with whom I am able to collaborate. Many are either people I have worked with over the years or ones with whom I had wanted to join skill sets with for some time. The ability to work from my home office and concentrate on what inspires me has allowed me to devote more time to statistics.”

According to Jason Falchuk, Founding Partner at BioBridges, “When you say the name KK, you say it with a smile. She is as genuine as she is dedicated to her work and those she works with. She brings great clarity and advocates for doing what is right for all parties involved. She is always willing to help advise both BioBridges professionals and clients. Representing her has been and continues to be an incredibly rewarding experience for BioBridges.”

*Eudaimonia is a Greek word that translates to “human flourishing” or “my happiness.”