BioBridges Professional Spotlight: Jill Harrington

by Amy Steinberg Published Jul 24, 2018 Last updated Jul 24, 2018

Jill accidentally fell into clinical development about 20 years ago. She has always been inquisitive and sought out a position in research after graduating from college. Jill started as a research coordinator with a multidisciplinary melanoma research group at the University of Pennsylvania and years later returned to Boston as a CRA with Quintiles.

After several years as a road warrior CRA, Jill decided to take a break from clinical research and start a new journey in higher education administration. Several years passed, and she found herself craving the collaborative and intriguing clinical research work she had moved away from. After a short time back in the industry, a former manager and BioBridges professional, recommended that she meet with Cindy Steinberg, BioBridges’ Founding Partner.

At first, Jill was apprehensive about working as a professional, focusing on the potential for long periods between engagements. Today, she has been working for BioBridges for 11 years, originally working to monitor client sites and most recently leading study start-up, management and day to day study operations.

“Initially I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to grow as much in my career as a professional,” said Jill. “When you are working solely for one company for a long time you can think there is only one way to do things – the way that company does it. Working for BioBridges, I have had the opportunity to engage with small, large, established, and emerging companies. My experiences at larger, more established companies has exposed me to valuable tools and practices, while my experiences at small companies has allowed me to try my hand at tasks or projects that in a larger company would be delegated to a different role. Supporting these varied companies has allowed me to see different ways of approaching the same task while continuing to grow my toolkit.”

Today, Jill works closely with BioBridges’ Functional Expert, LeeAnn Ali. She is able to work collaboratively with her team, different functional areas, and vendors. As Jill puts it, “LeeAnn is super knowledgeable, well-respected, and working together always involves a few laughs! She has pushed me to take on new project tasks, and while she is always available for guidance, encourages me to make decisions and take ownership.”

“Jill quickly earned the confidence of our client with her attention to detail and problem-solving abilities,” said LeeAnn. We work together with the client, guiding and executing their overall clinical and business strategy, and support each other along the way. I am grateful for the opportunity to work together!”

As Jill reflects on her experience with BioBridges, she has realized that her two major apprehensions around becoming a professional have completely disappeared. Not only has she continued to expand and grow her skill set through the work she has accomplished, but she welcomes the flexibility of working as a professional and enjoys taking some time off between engagements. Jill also mentions that, “the best part of working for BioBridges has been working with and meeting so many talented, hard-working, and fun people. Not only have I grown my professional network, I’ve also grown my circle of friends.”

“For the past 11 years, Jill has been a highly sought-after member of our community,” said Jason Falchuk, President. “She was initially introduced to us through another BioBridges professional who recognized her incredible ability and aptitude to learn. It has been wonderful to experience her growth and sense of satisfaction over the years.”

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